What our Clients say...

"I had great difficulties trying to find a good maid who spoke Portuguese and who knew our culture, cuisine, habits and customs well. The day I contacted MAIDSin, my problem was solved. Maria do Céu has been working for me for 4 years and is now part of the family. Thank you for your professionalism, dedication and speed throughout the process."

Rosário Vasconcelos, Berlin - Germany

Maria Bernardo

"I requested MAIDSin’s services to help me find a maid that would have to fulfil some requirements that are fundamental for me. In a short space of time I had 5 different people to interview, one of whom I selected. MAIDSin provided me with all the information regarding the contract, social security, essential information on how to ensure the proper functioning of this service which I consider to be of high quality and efficient as well as being friendly."

Piedade Líbano Monteiro, Lisbon - Portugal