When you contact MAIDSin you should carefully define the type of domestic help that you are looking foras well as the recruitment requirements, conditions and other necessary information.

After carefully analysing the profile required, MAIDSin carries out a pre-selection of candidates who fulfil the requirements and sends the Client a list of available candidates. Later, interviews are scheduled between Clients and Candidates for the final selection.

MAIDSin does not establish an employment contract with the candidates, it only mediates in hiring.


The recruitment and selection process will have a cost of 30€ (VAT included) for national contracts and 60€ (VAT included) for international contracts which will be charged to the Client when the interviews are scheduled.

Once a Candidate has been selected, the amount due to MAIDSin will be equivalent to one monthly salary + VAT, based on the monthly amount agreed between the Client and the Candidate.

This amount must be pay until the Candidate starts the work.

In actual contracting, the value of the opening of the process (€ 30) will be deducted from the final value.

For temporary hiring (Holidays), the opening value of the process (€ 30) will be added to the value of the Holiday Table.

When hiring from abroad, the Client is responsible for all costs related to travel, visas and the documentation required for placing the candidates overseas.

MAIDSin provides all the documents and procedures necessary for hiring, from the draft employment contract to the Social Security application forms.

An administrative cost of €150+VAT will be charged for filling in the documentation.

MAIDSin does not provide punctual cleaning services.

MAIDSin Fees - Maids during Holidays

4 Weeks


3 Weeks


2 Weeks


1 Week


* These amounts are the MAIDSin fee for hiring Holiday Maids or for temporary work in Portugal.
** Hiring maids for holidays outside Portugal will be charged 50% of the agreed salary amount.
*** Valid for a 4 weeks maximum period.

MAIDSin does not refund fees.

Replacement Guarantee

The candidate selected by MAIDSin and accepted by the Client, will have a warranty period of 90 days when hired for a placement in Portugal and 30 days when hired for a placement abroad.

If there is a cancellation by either of the parties during the warranty period, the maid will be replaced without any additional charge to the Client. The trial period begins when the first candidate to be placed starts working and will only be valid once the payment has been made.

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